hush tan - owner - licensed & certified esthetician - MUA

We’re pretty sure that Mahriah started her life with a makeup brush in hand. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for beauty and making others smile. She is known for her diverse range of artistic abilities. Mahriah is overjoyed to bring straight from Beverly Hills, California Hollywood's best kept secret. Hoping to show tanning enthusiasts that even without the harmful UV rays there is a healthy solution to look and feel great with a healthy natural golden glow. Her goal is to give her clients the opportunity to tap into secrets of the stars and approach life with confidence, feeling great in their new healthy skin. Shhh... your secret is safe with HUSH glow sunless we won't tell.

Please don't stress about your body issues of any kind. We understand it can be a vulnerable position to get down to your skivvies in front of a stranger! But, let it go!! Don't worry, we do this too and we truly respect your privacy. So, feel confident knowing you're in good hands. And get yer tuchi in here!


 v. hushed, hush.ing, hush.es

  1. to make silent or quiet.
  2. to calm; soothe.
  3. to keep from public knowledge; suppress mention of.
  4. quietude, peacefulness, still, shush, tranquility, quiet down.

To maintain the intimacy of each clients appointment we ask that you please refrain from bringing guests and children with you.